Vail Ski Resort – Game Creek Club

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Game Creek Club

As a resident of Vail, Colorado, Joshua Rosenbaum enjoys the outdoor recreational activities that are available to him in the mountains that surround the city. Working as a retail sales professional for Transitional Sports, Joshua Rosenbaum has the ability to combine his love for outdoor recreation with his professional work experience.

Known for its incredible outdoor recreational opportunities, Vail, Colorado, is most widely recognized for its amazing ski resorts and winter activities. The Vail Ski Resort offers skiers and snowboarders with a unique outdoor recreation experience, offering private membership signature clubs like the Vail Mountain Club, the Arrabelle Club and the Game Creek Club.

The Game Creek Club at Vail Ski Resort allows members to enjoy a secluded skiing environment in the Game Creek Bowl that can only be accessed by the private “Club Cat” ski lift. Members also enjoy additional benefits such as private dining for lunch in the Mount Jackson room and a private members’ clubroom.


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Keeping Warm on a Winter Hike




Joshua Rosenbaum of Greater Vail, CO, is an avid hiker and enjoys snow sports as well. As a sales associate with Transition Sports in Avon, CO, Joshua Rosenbaum helps customers find the products that best suit their needs.

When planning a winter hike, a highly important considerations is temperature regulation. One of the easiest ways for a hiker to achieve this is through the use of a warm hat, which can hold in heat when the hiker is cold and release it when exertion raises his or her body heat. The most useful hats are made of wool, rather than cotton, as cotton holds moisture and can chill the body if it gets wet.

Hikers must also take care to wear layers that can keep the body’s core warm or cool as appropriate. Ideal base layers are moisture-wicking to respond to sweat, while middle layers are both breathable and insulating. Experienced hikers often recommend fleece for this layer.

In windy or cold conditions, a hiker may also need a waterproof and breathable hard shell as an outer layer. Breathability is particularly important for hikes that are intense, as excessive sweat can dry on the skin and make the body cold if it cannot escape through clothing.

Finally, hikers must remember to wear appropriate footwear. Lighter boots or shoes are acceptable for reliably dry trails, but more extreme terrain may demand waterproof boots. Two layers of socks, the lower wicking and the upper warm, help to keep the feet comfortable, while glove liners and mittens protect the hands.

An Introduction to Disc Golf


disc golf

disc golf

Joshua Rosenbaum of Greater Vail, Colorado (CO), makes his living as a sales associate at a local sporting goods store. An avid athlete in his free time, Joshua Rosenbaum enjoys disc golf and other sports available in the Vail, CO, area.

In its basic structure and concept, disc golf functions much like traditional golf. Players travel through a course that consists of a number of holes, each of which he or she must reach with as few strokes as possible. In disc golf, however, a stroke does not consist of hitting a ball with a club but instead involves the simple throw of a Frisbee.

A “hole” in disc golf is most often a raised metal basket, to which the player progresses from a set starting point. As in traditional golf, the player must start at that point and make each throw from the point at which the disc landed following the previous toss. Along the way, players must navigate trees, hills, and other obstacles.

Disc golf is accessible to all ages and abilities. There are thousands of courses across the country, and championships exist for all skill levels, from novice to professionals. Each year, the top professionals compete in a world championship, while numerous leisure players enjoy fresh air and good company at community courses.