Vail Ski Resort – Game Creek Club

Game Creek Club pic

Game Creek Club

As a resident of Vail, Colorado, Joshua Rosenbaum enjoys the outdoor recreational activities that are available to him in the mountains that surround the city. Working as a retail sales professional for Transitional Sports, Joshua Rosenbaum has the ability to combine his love for outdoor recreation with his professional work experience.

Known for its incredible outdoor recreational opportunities, Vail, Colorado, is most widely recognized for its amazing ski resorts and winter activities. The Vail Ski Resort offers skiers and snowboarders with a unique outdoor recreation experience, offering private membership signature clubs like the Vail Mountain Club, the Arrabelle Club and the Game Creek Club.

The Game Creek Club at Vail Ski Resort allows members to enjoy a secluded skiing environment in the Game Creek Bowl that can only be accessed by the private “Club Cat” ski lift. Members also enjoy additional benefits such as private dining for lunch in the Mount Jackson room and a private members’ clubroom.