An Introduction to Disc Golf


disc golf

disc golf

Joshua Rosenbaum of Greater Vail, Colorado (CO), makes his living as a sales associate at a local sporting goods store. An avid athlete in his free time, Joshua Rosenbaum enjoys disc golf and other sports available in the Vail, CO, area.

In its basic structure and concept, disc golf functions much like traditional golf. Players travel through a course that consists of a number of holes, each of which he or she must reach with as few strokes as possible. In disc golf, however, a stroke does not consist of hitting a ball with a club but instead involves the simple throw of a Frisbee.

A “hole” in disc golf is most often a raised metal basket, to which the player progresses from a set starting point. As in traditional golf, the player must start at that point and make each throw from the point at which the disc landed following the previous toss. Along the way, players must navigate trees, hills, and other obstacles.

Disc golf is accessible to all ages and abilities. There are thousands of courses across the country, and championships exist for all skill levels, from novice to professionals. Each year, the top professionals compete in a world championship, while numerous leisure players enjoy fresh air and good company at community courses.